Smart Lock for E-Bike

This intelligent E-Lock is an RFID smart electronic lock designed for bicycles and E-Bike, which is developed by the collaboration of Microprogram and a domestic professional locking manufacturer (Yuan Wen Shing Industries Corp.) This lock is easy to use and secure through CAN Bus communication interface to lock & unlock more elegantly and conveniently by the integration into E-Bike system or RFID Tag.

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Easy to use

The unique latch design (“lock-to” feature) also locks your bike on to the railings or bike racks with an additional chain to enhance anti-theft, which is suitable for bikes or E-Bike the best safety protection.

Key Advantages

    • Smart electronic lock specially designed for E-Bike
    • With CAN Bus communication interface for integration with E-Bike system or IoT/ connectivity device
    • Lock/unlock operation via APP
    • Integrated RFID function, lock/unlock operation by RFID Tag
    • Equipped with LED to display successful lock/unlock
    • Compound Lock System: With additional chain/cable lock function, the E-Bike can be locked on the parking rack with a chain/cable lock as an additional lock protection
    • Bluetooth version: Customizable 

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  • ● E-Bike
  • ● Regular bike