IoT Device

The IoT connection equipment designed for the E-Bike and micromobility can connect App and management backend. It can assist E-Bike manufacturers in providing cyclists more intelligent product user experiences.

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By offering real-time connection application services such as anti-theft application, vehicle positioning, remote control and system message reminding via cellular network, GNSS(Global Navigation Satellite Systems) function and related sensor applications, it can also be used for the fleet management of a bike sharing/rental system.

Key Advantages

    • Real-time update E-Bike data to the cloud
    • Bike GPS and anti-theft tracking
    • Integrated real-time connectivity of SIM card
    • Connect to App for relevant application service via cellular network or Bluetooth
    • Integration with E-Bike system via CAN Bus

Connect your bike Ride the future


  • ● E-Bike manufacturer/leasing provider
  • ● E-scooter leasing provider
  • ● Electric motorcycle leasing provider