Cycling data platform

The E-Bike cycling data platform provides easy-to-use data services for regular bike and E-bike brands or component manufacturers, allowing operators to know the real-time cycling data, bikes or components repair status of members, and even texting marketing notifications and events management to members.

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Integrate with StoreManagement System

Meanwhile, it could integrate with store management system to quickly know the service data of dealers and members, with technology connecting cyclists, dealers and owners; therefore, it drives business strategy to create brand value and enhance market competitiveness.

Key Advantages

    • Visualized members’cycling data statistics
    • Member's relevant data is easy to query
    • Easily send marketing messages to members
    • E-Bike system equipments management for members’ E-Bike
    • Assign easily to administrative authorizations of members’ data
    • Integrated store management system

Connect your bike Ride the future


  • ● E-Bike brands
  • ● Bike brands