E-Bike App Software Service Solution

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Microprogram established the Bikonnect smart bike brand in 2019; the naming of the brand originated from the combination “Bike” + “connect” to convey “a bike connection to create infinite possibilities” brand spirit. Bikonnect has already launched a series of E-Bike products that focus on EV Micromobility, allowing E-Bike cyclists to have smarter riding experiences by connecting hardware devices with software platforms.

The E-Bike App is a software application service developed by Microprogram; it can upload the riding data to the cloud in real time, and is able to diagnose the status of the bikes with one click. The latest version of the App supports the functions of binding the smart E-Bike devices such as IoT Device, E-Bike Computer/ HMI, E-Lock to make it easier for cyclists to synchronize related riding data, and adds support for anti-theft features and automatically records the riding routes. This product also provides a “White Label'' version which can be customized according to the requirements of the brand operators to assist the traditional bike industry in welcoming the new digital transformation era.

Problems we solve

Problems we solve
  • Enhance the user experience by having the diverse E-Bike connection functions
  • Improve the users' vehicle safety with the benefits of IoT Device
  • Manage the users' vehicles, save riding records, diagnose the status of your vehicles, have system reminder and updating
  • Realize the smart services of E-Bike to improve the operators' market competitiveness and the technological impression of your products' 
  • Through the White Label version to reduce the operators' development cost of initial investment and accelerate the launch schedule
  • Enhance the end users’ product engagement through the App and cloud services

Key advantages

Key advantages
  • Have profound experiences in smart bikes and IoT technology, and the software can be customized according to the needs of the operators
  • Complete software/hardware integration development engineering resource (in-house)
  • Have Electric Vehicle System integration experiences
  • Through the use of E-Bike data analysis, it can be the indicator and help the operators to develop the strategy for the future market
  • Introduce the Bikonnect E-Bike software and hardware devices (e.g., E-Bike Computer, IoT Device, E-Lock) to have a complete smart bike solution


  • Cyclists:
    • Riding dashboard & record riding history
    • E-Bike system diagnosis
    • Low battery alert
    • Anti-theft and remote tracking (used with the IoT Device)
    • Management of multiple bikes
  • Operators:
    • Integrate smart E-Bike devices such as Bluetooth E-Bike Computer, IoT Device and E-Lock to optimize the riding experience
    • System devices’ data collection and analysis
    • Connect to device management system and cycling data platform to provide cyclists with more perfect after-sale services


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Service Architecture

E-Bike App Software Service Solution

Key Features

IoT Device

The IoT connection equipment designed for the E-Bike and micromobility can connect APP and management backend. It offers real-time cloud services such as vehicle positioning, remote control and system reminding via cellular network and sensor applications. It can also be used for the fleet management of a bike sharing/rental system.

Smart Lock for E-Bike

Smart Lock for E-Bike is an RFID smart electronic lock designed for bikes. It is safe and stable. It can be locked and unlocked through CAN Bus communication interface or RFID tag, which is suitable for bikes or E-Bike the best safety protection.

E-Bike App

E-Bike App can display advanced functions by mobile apps connecting with E-Bike computer such as remaining power display, assisting power mode, cycling data, system diagnostics and Bluetooth renewal firmware etc.

E-Bike computer

E-Bike computer provides easy-to-use devices for bikers, bikers can use one-click diagnostic E-Bike system status. Through the E-Bike computer, the cycling data could be synchronized to APP and uploaded to cloud storage.

Device management system

The device management system is a special design for Micromobility / E-Bike system to remotely manage the system devices and be integrating with App, IoT device to collect system data.

Cycling data platform

The E-Bike cycling data platform provides easy-to-use data services for bike and E-Bike brand or component manufacturers. The cloud platform can be used to collect the cycling data.

Store management system

Store management system allows store managers to provide the most instant biker service, including online scheduled and repair, digital maintenance history and other intimate services.